Update on Visiting

July 6, 2020 By

Dear Friends,

I am sorry to say that the visiting policy has been a shifting landscape. In my last post I reported to you what I had just been told which was that if people wanting to visit placed a call to the charge nurse, she would make arrangements for visitors to enter through the garden. Sadly, I have subsequently been told that there is a strict (small) limit on the total number of visitors allowed and that all immediate family and siblings (of which there are many,) traveling from afar must have a chance first. Both of our children are here, some siblings arrived yesterday and more are arriving today. Since we are a large family, I am now not sure if any more visitors will be allowed. If I have good news on this score, I will let you know.

I am sorry for the confusion, and even sorrier that those of you who would very much like to visit may not have the chance.

Much love to all of you,